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"Computer repairs and all things web

JayWeb Computer Services offer a broad range of services with IT products and related.

PC repairs;

  • Won't turn on?
  • Faulty components?
  • Unreliable?
  • Randomly shutting off?
  • Too hot?


  • Why not upgrade your system to be part of the PC gaming revolution?
  • Too slow? Upgrading key component can speed your machine up. Advice on where your system is being help up and affordable upgrades.
  • Are you looking to start a vocation in photography or video editing? Let us guide you through the process and get you set up.


  • System cleaning. Computers get very dusty and dirty which can cause overheating and a premature end of life for your system or vital components. Be sure to opt into regular maintenance.
  • System scans. 99% of viruses are undetectable to a regular user. These nasty infections can be stealing your personal information or providing a gateway for more and more infections to make their way in. The only way to make sure your system is clean is regular scans and operating system maintenance. Not only will this keep your data secure, its likely to ensure your machine runs at a pleasant speed.

Console cleaning, maintenance and repairs;

  • Its recommended that all modern consoles should be taken in to the workshop once a year to ensure airflow is not compromised.
  • Dust build up is the no1 cause of overheating in games consoles. It only takes a short trip to the workshop to prevent this and could extend the life of your console by years.
  • Is your console not working properly? First things first, if it's in warranty then make sure to contact the manufacturer. Otherwise we will be happy to take a look and get you back online!

Web Services

  • Looking for a website for your business and or project? We build bespoke websites based on customer requirements. We WILL NOT build from templates or use an auto translate tool. Each of our websites are built from the ground up in notepad from code and is built with SEO and functionality in mind.
  • We offer responsive websites. What is responsive web I hear you say? A responsive website is one which adapts to the screen size you are viewing from. This means that when you view the site from a mobile device or even an older machine, the site will not become disported or appear too "large" and will fit the screen perfectly.


  • Looking to make a purchase but unsure of how to go about it? Just give me your requirements and I will be happy to source what components you need. Whether it's a professional quality MIC or components that match the right size to ensure they fit your case.