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JayWeb Computer Services was set up with one goal in mind. That is to ensure customer confidence in the profession. With computer services being a relatively complex industry for those who are not "in the know" it can be all too easy for so called "professionals" to take advantage of a customers by providing false diagnoses and inventing problems where none had existed before.

We take a zero tolerance policy on this and will not work with engineers who do not adhere to our strict moral code.

Put simply, if an engineers does not do everything in their power to fix your issue at a cost that is fair and transparent, It won't be one of ours!

JayWeb Computer Services operates inside Plymouth for PC and Laptop repairs and web development services. Web services can be contracted all around the UK with the aid of video conferencing. If you are unsure of whether we can reach you, be sure to ask but either calling or sending a quick email.